Artist Resources

2016 Melbourne Fringe Producer's Pack
The Producer's Pack is the central resource for all Melbourne Fringe artists and producers. It's a comprehensive guide to putting on a show in Melbourne, addressing all aspects of production, venues, risk management, marketing, publicity, accessibility and more. We also provide a separate budget template as another essential planning resource.
2016 Melbourne Fringe Producer's Pack
2016 Budget Template

2016 Fringe Hub Info
Melbourne Fringe curate a program of works each year across a number of venues in North Melbourne, collectively these are referred to as the Fringe Hub. If you’re interested in having your show programmed in the Fringe Hub please read the appropriate Info Pack and review the Tech Specs before filling out the online Expression of Interest form.
Fringe Hub EOI pack
Fringe Family EOI pack
Fringe Hub Tech Specs

Venue Resources
Check out this massive database full of potential venues for your show, including contact details, capacity figures and other useful information.
Potential Venues Database
Melbourne Fringe Venue Agreement Template

Need some advice on assisting people who are blind or vision impaired, people who are Deaf or hearing impaired, people with physical and/or mobility impairments, people with carers or companions, people with intellectual disabilities, or people with mental health issues? Need some tips on communicating and interacting with people with disabilities? Melbourne Fringe's risk management consultant, Bill Coleby, has put together this useful guide:
Information and advice on assisting and making art for people with disabilities

For an enormous range of other information - including disability awareness information, exhibition design, marketing to the disability community, ticketing and seating, venue access audit, appropriate language and a whole lot more! - visit Arts Access Victoria.

We particularly recommend their fact sheets on Access provisions such as Captioning, Audio Description and Auslan Interpreting.

Melbourne Fringe acknowledges that it has a positive role to play in addressing the environmental issues that jeopardise the planet’s ecosystems and the future of local communities.

We aim to ensure:

  • Our artists have access to information and resources to support sustainable artistic practice and production
  • Melbourne Fringe incorporates sustainability into strategic and operational decision making;
  • Melbourne Fringe encourages and supports a community dialogue around issues of sustainability and climate change.

Melbourne Fringe Event Sustainability Checklist

2016 Festival Documentation