Melbourne Fringe would like thank and acknowledge our wonderful donors for their support:

DISCOVERER - $5,000 +
Sally Browne

EXPLORER - $2,500 +
Michael Kantor
James McCaughey
The Big Group

INNOVATOR- $1,000 +
Monica and Sam Abrahams
Betty Amsden A.O.
Caroline Chernov & Nick Cox
Carolyn and Peter Creswell
Rosemary Forbes and Ian Hocking
Jo Horgan and Peter Wetenhall
Dr Richard WF King AM
Dr Jenepher Martin
Gideon Obarzanek
Fiona Sweet

Katerina Andronis 
Tamara and Mark Boldiston
Ron and Marg Dobell
Carrillo Gantner 
Dr. Jacinta Halloran 
Mark Licciardo
Luke McKinnon
Paul Muller and Jane Bourjau
Liz O'Brien 
Juanita Pope
Jill Smith in honour of Joan Kirner
Pinky Watson

Thank you to Mark and Tamara Boldiston for their generous bequest to Melbourne Fringe. 

Richard Chambers
Chris Cheers
Fran Clark
Jason Craig
Ron Elisha and Bertha Rubin
Liza Gelt
Rinske Ginsberg
David Geoffrey Hall
Marea Jablonski
P Jansen and M Morse
Nicky Klempfner and Marcus O'Reilly
Jayne Lovelock
Kath Mainland
Fiona Menzies
Maggie Maguire
Georgie Meyer
Alice Nash and Nicole Beyer
Ian Pidd and Sue Giles
Simon Obarzanek
Kaylene Oneill
Padmini Sebastian
Andrea Stahel
Nicholas Verginis and Sarah Austin
Susan Woodward
Angharad Wynne-Jones
Leonard Vary
Rosemary Walls 
Anonymous (2)

We would also like to thank all of our wonderful Fringe Community donors that give so generously.Thank you for your ongoing support.