How does one manage all of one's Fringey commitments? With the Bank Australia Show List of course! See that star next to every event session? Just click on that to add the event to your Show List and share with friends, family, pets and loved ones. 

We've also put together some Show Lists from some Fringe friends to help you navigate this year's program. 

Tom Ballard's Comedy Show List

Laura Davis: Marco. Polo.
Bart Freebairn's Fancy Romance Fringe Show
Matt Stewart: Pretty Dry
Penny Greenhalgh: Piranha Banana Llamara

Yana Alana's Show List

HART (Theatre)
Flesh Fanatics (Holly Durant Special Event in the hub)
BlaaQ Cat (Theatre)
Mama Alto Extravaganza (Cabaret)
Castles (Dance)
Restrung (Circus)
Super Musician - Die Roten Punkte (Comedy)
Tessa Waters - WERQ in Progress (Comedy)
Super Amazing Giant Girl (Kids)

Michaela Banas' Performance Show List 

A Prudent Man
BlaaQ Catt
Spring Clean

Georgie Meagher's (Next Wave) Live Art Show List 

The Internet is where innocence goes to die and you can come too
Blind Spot
Five Cent Cinema
Blaaq Cat (Performance)
HART (Performance)

Rob Tannion (Circus Oz) Circus Show List

Relax: Everything's Fucked
No Frills Cabaret

Denise Scott's Comedy Show List

Bev Killick
Laura Davis Marco Polo
Damian Callinan The Lost WW1 Diary
Sammy J Hero Complex
Super Musician Die Rotten Punkte

Geraldine Quinn's Show List 

Shaken - Baritones Belting Bond (Cabaret)
Tina Del Twist - GOLD CLASS (Cabaret)
Neal Portenza Has Run Out of Room For His Full Show Title. Tracey. (Comedy)
Matt Stewart - Pretty Dry (Comedy)
ISLAMOFARCIST - Sami Shah (Comedy)
Isabel Angus in BLISS! (Comedy)
Onstage Dating (Performance)
The Thick of It - Emily Taylor (Performance)
Super Amazing Giant Girl - Anna Lumb (Kids)

Kylie Maslan's Words and Ideas Show List


For How Long Must I Hold On?
Lose The Plot
The Other Film Festival 
We Run With Wolves
Wham Bam Thank You Slam 

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